Proteins, Autoimmune issues and Diet

So what do proteins have to do with autoimmune issues? According to Dr. Kharazzian’s research, the immune system responds to sequences of amino acids – the building blocks of proteins.

You could find a small sequence of amino acids in the same order in a vegetable as in a meat or a grain or even a leafy green. This small sequence can cause our immune system to produce antibodies, which then cause our immune system to go on attack! This same small sequence of amino acids may exist in our intestines, or our thyroid, or our skin, etc… Anywhere this same sequence exists could be a site for attack by our own body!


I’m guessing I’ve found one of these little sequences in something I’ve eaten recently, as I woke up a couple days ago with an unrelentless dull itching all over my body that just won’t go away. The more I scratch, the more it itches! No hives that I’ve found yet. No outside source that I’ve found yet. No explanation yet other than the possibility that my immune system became overly active about something and this is my result.

This is just one example of the many reasons why diet is so amazingly important for those of us with an autoimmune disorder. Diet is something I will be addressing in depth in the very near future! I have removed gluten from diet for the past couple of weeks, and lessened my dairy intake. I purchased The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and am going to use this diet to follow the elimination/provocation diet Dr. Kharazzian explains in Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? when My Lab Tests Are Normal.

I will share the recipes I try and let you all know what I think! I just need to find a good replacement for orange/yellow squashes and sweet potato recipes as I simply cannot get these past the gag reflex – LOL! Never have been able to swallow them. Wish I could – from what I hear they taste great! At least I like zucchini!


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