Life with Hashimoto’s

What Causes Disease?

I watched an excellent documentary this evening on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. In this documentary I learned about an old theory that I find absolutely intriguing… a theory on the cause of all disease! There has long been the debate between the Germ Theory and the Terrain Theory. Both were originally conceived by French Dr. […]Read More »

Heal Your Gut - 30+ Presenters!

Heal Your Gut! Yes, I know, I keep posting things regarding gut health. Honestly though, it is the seat of our health overall. The state of our health begins in our gut! It is so important. It helps us digest food, supplies nutrients to the bloodstream, maintains a complex microbiota that can help with weight […]Read More »

6 Tips on Probiotics for a Healthy Gut

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) that live in our digestive tract. Yes, it’s another post about gut health – LOL! I am currently on Day 26 of the Auto-immune Protocol (AIP) Paleo Diet and my focus is currently on healing my gut. So, my posts have been primarily about gut health 🙂 Hippocrates […]Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving the AIP Paleo Way!

Happy Thanksgiving! I felt completely spoiled today because my wonderful husband took the time to find ways to make a Thanksgiving Dinner that I could eat while sticking to my AIP Paleo Diet! The turkey was the one part of the meal I figured I would safely be able to eat. But he surprised me […]Read More »

Root Vegetable Beef Stew

I made my first ever stew, and am very excited to say it was a success! YAY! For those of you who don’t know me, I don’t usually do much cooking. My husband is the main cook in the house, and I am a kitchen newbie – LOL! Here is what I used: 2lbs Stew […]Read More »

7 Benefits of Bone Broth

Beef bones aren’t just treats for the dogs anymore! We actually buy them on purpose from the local butcher shop to use for ourselves! WHY? Bone Broth Just put a couple pounds of bones into pot and add filtered water until they are covered. Add maybe a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar and […]Read More »

Healing Herbal Teas for Leaky Gut

Diet is the most important change one can make for healing Leaky Gut. Next would be various supplements you can take to help the process along. I don’t know about you, but this time of year I love a good cup of tea (or three!) during the day and evening as well. Since I’m working […]Read More »

Can Leaky Gut be Healed?

If this is the first post on Leaky Gut that you’ve happened upon here at DIY Herbs™, it is actually the 4th in a series. You can catch up on the other three here: Leaky Gut – What is It? Discover What Causes Leaky Gut How do I Know if I Have a Leaky Gut? […]Read More »

How do I Know if I Have a Leaky Gut?

Now that we have answered, “What is Leaky Gut?” and “What Causes Leaky Gut?“, it is time to get into the pressing question: How do I know if I have a leaky gut? Just as there are causes, there are also symptoms! Autoimmune diseases are a symptom of leaky gut! If you have an autoimmune […]Read More »

Discover What Causes Leaky Gut

If we can have “leaky gut” then something must cause it right? If you don’t yet know what leaky gut is, see my previous post here: “Leaky Gut” – What is it? What causes leaky gut? The short answer: Irritation and Inflammation. There are several potential causes, any one of which may be the culprit […]Read More »

"Leaky Gut" - What is it?

Leaky Gut. Yep, sounds like a goofy made-up thing. However; it has been discovered to be one of the leading causes of autoimmune disorders. It does have a slightly fancier term: intestinal permeability. Still sounds a little like science fiction, but it is real. The short explanation is that the wall of your intestines should […]Read More »

Day 5 of AIP Diet

Well, it’s been a week! It is day 5 of eating strictly an autoimmune paleo (AIP) diet. Some happy side effects have been not feeling stuffed or bloated after meals, and actually shedding a few pounds (which anyone with a thyroid issue knows is typically a very difficult thing to achieve). I think I’ve been […]Read More »


I was looking into nightshades today to see what plants were in this group. I found a surprise – an herb I’ve been taking is actually a nightshade; Ashwagandha! I will need to stop using this herb until I’m on the provocation side of the elimination/provocation diet apparently. Advertisements: So, the nightshade’s are plants in […]Read More »

New Diet Preparations

So I’m getting ready to start the elimination diet next week. Have a mixture of emotions on this one! So, the foods I get to pull out of my diet for the next 3+ weeks include: Grains Eggs Dairy Soy Yeast Several Beans & Legumes Several Seeds Several Nuts Nightshades (includes things like eggplant, hot […]Read More »

Hashimoto's and the Adrenal Glands

Being the thyroid is part of the endocrine system (the hormone producing glands in our body) when it isn’t functioning properly, or the hormones it is producing aren’t being properly used within the body, it can throw off any of the other glands in the endocrine system. They all rely on a checks and balances […]Read More »

Proteins, Autoimmune issues and Diet

So what do proteins have to do with autoimmune issues? According to Dr. Kharazzian’s research, the immune system responds to sequences of amino acids – the building blocks of proteins. You could find a small sequence of amino acids in the same order in a vegetable as in a meat or a grain or even […]Read More »

Immune Response, TH-1 or TH-2

One of the many things I have learned reading Dr. Datis Kharazzian’s book, “Why do I still have Thyroid Symptoms when my lab tests are normal” (see Resources), is that an autoimmune disorder has one of two types of immune system cells in an overactive state. We all have TH-1 (T-Helper 1 cells) and TH-2 […]Read More »

Life with Hashimoto's

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis around 2013 ago. Like many I have a long story leading up to that diagnosis that includes multiple doctors visits with multiple lab tests which all read in the “normal” range, yet more and more hypothyroid symptoms including enlargement of my thyroid gland. For those who don’t know, Hashimoto’s […]Read More »