Heal Your Gut – 30+ Presenters!

Heal Your Gut!

Yes, I know, I keep posting things regarding gut health. Honestly though, it is the seat of our health overall. The state of our health begins in our gut! It is so important. It helps us digest food, supplies nutrients to the bloodstream, maintains a complex microbiota that can help with weight loss, creating or converting vitamins and hormones, and is the seat of our immune system.

So I was very excited to come across the Heal Your Gut Summit starting January 18th 2015. They have over 30 presenters, many whose names I recognize from other prominent blogs and excellent books I own and love.

Best of all – the summit is free! Every day from January 18th-25th they will be posting new presentations you can watch for free.

One of my favorite authors and leading experts in the field of immunology (in my humble opinion anyway), Dr. Datis Kharazzian is one of the presenters. Many of you have heard of Dr. Izabella Wentz or Josh Axe – also presenters for this summit.

Click the banner below and register for free today!

Heal Your Gut Summit


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