Day 5 of AIP Diet

Well, it’s been a week! It is day 5 of eating strictly an autoimmune paleo (AIP) diet. Some happy side effects have been not feeling stuffed or bloated after meals, and actually shedding a few pounds (which anyone with a thyroid issue knows is typically a very difficult thing to achieve).

I think I’ve been more tired this first 5 days, but most likely that is from my body cleansing and detoxing since I’m not putting anything in it that isn’t made from scratch at home and I’m avoiding vegetable oils (other than olive and avocado), etc… So there are less toxins going in which usually means more toxins being dealt with and shipped out. A bit more emotional too. Hopefully when I get in the new book I ordered it might shed some light on that one.

I had some yummy foods though! I was explaining to some people at the office what foods I would be avoiding, and one of the comments on my new diet was “It’s called a fast” – LOL! But it’s amazing how many yummy things there are to eat even with all the foods removed for AIP.

I won’t give out the recipes here, but they can be found in: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook: An Allergen-Free Approach to Managing Chronic Illness



I tried the Fig Energy Bites, which were absolutely delicious!

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We also tried the Cauliflower Fried Rice, Chicken Stir Fry and Beef and Broccoli recipes this week. All of which were excellent!


This weekend I will be making the cinnamon ginger baked pears – YUM! I will try to remember to take pics to post! They sound delicious!

1109150731[1]I am planning on making Apple-Cinnamon Bars as well, even dehydrated a bunch of apples for it already.




But after making the Fig Energy Balls using our BlendTec Blender, we decided that a food processor would be much easier! So I will be waiting for our new food processor to arrive before I make the Apple-Cinnamon Bars

Oh, I also tried the Coconut Milk Chai. While it was delicious I learned two things:

      Do not put dates into the blender without first taking out the pits. Those little pits are harder than one might think, and after all of the various things we have put into our BlendTec blender I was very surprised when those pits flew like little bullets and actually cracked the mixing jar!
      Don’t forget to strain the mix through cheesecloth after making it! LOL 😉 Yep, I forgot this part, and while it tasted truly delicious I kept finding myself chewing bits of coconut flakes. I guess it gives me a good excuse to make it again and try it after straining it!

Do you have a good AIP Diet cookbook you recommend? Or great recipes you’ve come up with? Feel free to share 🙂


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